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2nd IRC 2017-Malaysia Chapter

2nd IRC 2017-Malaysia Chapter, July 11-12, 2017 | Park Royal Hotel Penang Malaysia
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2nd IRC 2017- UMI Chapter

      2nd IRC 2017- UMI Chapter | November 25-26, 2017 | La'Riz Wthree Hotel Makassar Indonesia
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2nd IRC 2017- LIU Chapter

2nd IRC 2017- LIU Chapter | December 21-22, 2017 | Lebanese International University Beirut Lebanon
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-2
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-3
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-4
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-5
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-6
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-7
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-8
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-9
  • Workshop at IMS BZU Multan-image-10

Workshop at IMS BZU Multan

With the collaboration Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy (CSRC) and Institute of Management Sciences (IMS), 2-days workshop has been held for IMS faculty in February, 16-17 @ IMS, BZU, Multan. The main aim of the workshop was to train IMS faculty on "How to use case study as a teaching Methodology".

 The keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Ehsan ul Haque from LUMS.