Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies

cover page vol 2 issue 1 

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Volume 2 Issue 1/June 2016

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Title: Sustainable Service Quality of Water and Sewerage Companies
Author Name: Abrari Salleh, Sha’ri Mohd Yusof
Page no: 1-12

Title: Influence of Strategic Planning on Crisis Management in the Service Sector Firms in Palestine
Author Name: Mohammed W. Almudallal, Hapriza Ashary, Syaharizatul Noorizwan Muktar
Page no: 13-20

TitleLinking Work Environment, Team and Co-worker Relationship and Organization Well-being in Increasing Employee Engagement: A Conceptual Perspective 
Author NameAthifah Najwani Shahidan, Siti Norasyikin Abdul Hamid, Bidayatul Akmal Mustafa Kamil, Shamsul, Huda Abd. Rani, Azelin Aziz, Hazlinda Hassan
Page no: 21-30

Title: Digital Engagement, Political and Civic Participation: Mobilizing Youth in Marginalized Communities
Author Name: Jamali Samsuddin, Hamisah Hasan, Lai Che Ching 
Page no: 31-40

TitleEthno-Sectarian Division and the Predicaments of National Integration in Plural Societies: A Study of Nigeria and Iraq
Author NameMohammed Mustafa Qader, Ahmad Masum, Rohana Abdul Rahaman, Abbo Usman  
Page no: 41-48

Title E-Government Information Systems Interoperability in Developing Countries: The Case of Jordan
Author Name Naser Ahmad Sulehat, Che Azlan Taib
Page no: 49-60

Title The Comparison of Vocabulary Learning Strategies among High School Students in Three Southern Border Provinces of Thailand and Malaysia
Author Name Pratya Binmadnee
Page no: 61-70

Title“Nobody Cares, Lah!” The Phenomenon of Flaming on YouTube in Malaysia
Author Name: Revathy Amadera Lingam, Norizah Aripin
Page no: 71-78

Title The Influence of Extrinsic Motivation on Innovative Work Behaviour With Moderating Role of Quality Culture
Author Name: Tahir Noaman Abdullatif, Husna bt Johari, Zurina bt Adnan
Page no: 79-86

Title Perceived social support between criminals and non-criminals in Punjab, Pakistan
Author NameUmbreen Khizar, Fatima Khurram Bukhari
Page no: 87-91